Copywriting Secrets From The Trenches …

How to write online copy that sells and other online marketing secrets from a veteran marketing consultant and copywriter …. Now you can get a copy of my latest book and learn some of the tricks and strategies that have helped me become one of the most sought-after copywriters online today. I’ve used these same secrets to create online millionaires. Now these secrets can be yours to build your online business … and at a fraction of the cost my clients pay me to churn out persuasive sales copy and marketing campaigns for them.

My son’s Epic Poem

“Herodion and Gratia” By Daseph J. Edwards (15 yrs)   In a globular world named Jaspasia two masses of land were born out of the ocean One as rocky as the mighty Himalayas The other as beautiful as the heavens And in these two different lands braved two different persons One man and one woman [...]

How To Prepare To Write Great Copy

Few copywriters would discuss the research that’s necessary to write great copy. But a persuasive sales letter doesn’t just jump into a copywriter’s head at will. It takes planning and a lot of research. In fact, I spend over 80% of my time in crafting a sales letter in this research stage and less than [...]

Pricing Your Copywriting Services

When I first started offering online copywriting services I was faced with how I would price my work. Part of this research led me to the websites of other copywriters as to get an idea of the average other copywriters were charging for their services. I also found a website that gave the industry averages [...]

Copywriter Sell Thyself!

Should a copywriter be ever  asking for help seeling his services? Isn’t this a contradiction of sort?  How can you be hlping people to sell theri wares but cannot sell your own? Even though I agree with the general logic of this argument, in practice this doesn’t hold true. Doctors don’t live any longer than [...]

If I got a penny for each time I was pitched to write copy for below my normal rate because (as the person claims) I would make a ton of money from the other jobs they have for me and from the “royalty” from the product sales, then I would be rivaling Warren Buffet for [...]

Take this piece of advice for what it’s worth. Ive seen this in many forums many times. A member falls from grace and many people use this occasion to say that they are ‘better’–always honest with their clients, give back refunds on time, take care of their customers etc,. Sometimes a member needs to be [...]

Your Number One Asset

Note: I wrote this article back in 2003. Gives a glimpse into how I was thinking back then. —————————————————————— I would like to talk about your most important marketing asset of all. Sorry, but it has nothing to do with the Internet. You cannot buy it for any price either. This is exactly why it [...]

Mistakes. Nobody likes to make them. But when we do we try to learn from them, survive them and then value the experience that we now have because of them. As a internet marketing consultant having worked with many different businesses Ive seen a lot of foul-ups in my career. In this article Ill just [...]

Height of Inspiration or Depths of Desperation?

It’s funny how I can find the money and the resources for the things that I ‘have to’ do. The car transmission fails and suddenly my brain goes into overdrive to solve this pressing problem and get my vehicle back on the road. The rent is due and the thought of being homeless during the [...]

Everyone knows that the weight-loss industry is a billion dollar a year industry. It seems that there is no end to the weigh-loss books that line the shelves at bookstores.

So the big question is “Why are Americans still so overweight?” It cannot be for a lack of knowledge because there is a ton of books out there. The answer has to be that people read the books but never implement the advice.

There can be a lot of debate about which diet is the better one and being a vegetarian myself I have my bias. Still whatever diet is followed requires discipline to carry them out and to stick with the plan. There can be a BIG gap between ‘what I know’ and ‘what I do’.

Think about the number of ebooks you have read and the number of training materials that you’ve been through. Have you implemented at least 10% of the advice given there? I’ve found that there is a lot of good information that you can get online without spending a dime but you must be a DO-er and not just a READ-er.

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